Sunday, July 6, 2014


We’re a family of four living in the fertile and temperate Willamette Valley in a good-sized suburb where we center our lives on our food. Kyle stays home to manage our two girls while growing, preserving, baking, brewing and cooking. Kyle is the great protagonist of our food-centered life, while I (Martha) am simply the story-teller who describes his heroic efforts to put dinner on the table.

We’re committed to living the healthiest lives we can, which increasingly means we eat only food made from whole ingredients. Our mission is to create all of our food from scratch while finding many other ways to keep our lives healthy. 

Since we’re a single income house, we’re careful with money while ensuring our girls’ childhoods are rich with experiences. We’re keen to continually lessen our environmental impact. Grown in Suburbia is our effort to share our culinary, frugal and creative adventures and tell a story about our low-cost and food-centered life.


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